Instructions for RDH Under One Roof Call for Abstracts 2025


RDH Under One Roof 2025 | Gaylord Texan Dallas, TX | July 18 – 20, 2025


RDH Under One Roof will accept abstracts for approximately 10 weeks between May 20, 2024, and August 23, 2024.  The call for abstracts is designed to fill the general session presentations. General sessions are 2-hour or 1-hour, large group (400-600+ attendee) lecture sessions and are included in the full conference registration for the attendees.

The submitted abstracts are thoroughly reviewed by the RDH UOR staff and the editorial team for RDH magazine. The abstracts are then graded by a committee of between 25-45 dental hygiene professionals from all aspects of the dental hygiene industry. The abstracts that grade out at the top are selected and scheduled as general sessions. 

Endeavor and RDH Under One Roof are fully accredited by the ADA CERP, AGD PACE, and AADH. All of the guidelines governing continuing dental education activities will be followed.

Helpful Abstract Submission Guidelines:

  1. Titles should be 200 characters or less. The title should be engaging and to the point. If the abstract is selected the title will be used to publicly promote the course.
  2. Course durations – Most of the courses at RDH UOR are 2 hours or 1 hour.
  3. Ability level – ALL RDH UOR courses are advanced.
  4. Course educational objectives – A 2-hr course or 1-hr course should have 3-4 behavioral objectives. Objectives should be 500 characters or less.
  5. Course description – The description should be a summary of the course’s purpose. It should clearly expand upon and support the educational objectives. The description should be 2,000 characters or less.
  6. Grammar and spelling – Please note that both grammar and spelling are very important. The submissions are not edited prior to grading.
    1. After grading, selected abstracts are edited prior to being posted online or run in any promotional materials.
  7. Only one honorarium will be provided per course, including multiple speaker submissions.
  8. Submitter and/or presenter information – Full contact information and a biography (not a C.V.) will be required. The biography will be part of the grading process. The ADA CERP guidelines mandate that a presenter be fully qualified to present educational materials.
  9. Full compliance with the ADA CERP, AGD PACE, and AADH guidelines for continuing dental education activities will be followed. Please note this includes commercialism, bias, and image authenticity.

Call for Papers are due Friday, August 23th, 2024 at 11:59pm CST

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Winfield-Roy

Laura Winfield  

 Laura Winfield-Roy

 Conference Manager
 P: +1 918.831.9869